So the biggest change in my working day is the way I now deliver my lessons. I first discovered the wonders of airplay mirroring last year and now use it in all my lessons.

Airplay mirroring is a way of wirelessly beaming your ipad screen to a device connected to a projector. This has greatly freed me up to move around the class while teaching and to allow students to show their working, without the potential embarrassment of going up to the board.

You two options of airplay receiver are:
1. Apple TV, Costing about £80, these little boxes are the most reliable way of playing airplay content.

2. Software + computer. Now since everyone has a pc or mac connected to their projector, this is my preferred method. There are two pieces of software to choose from. Both will run in the background ready to mirror your IPad in a window or full screen.

The cheaper of the two is Airserver, at about £8 for three licences, this is the one on most of our computers at work.
Reflector is more feature packed, recording your feed being very useful, and about £8 a licence.

Both offer a fantastic way of sharing your screen from any where in your class, and really change the class dynamic by untethering you from the traditional teacher position at the board.

For written board work my hands down favourite is an app called ‘Paper‘. It manages to make my handwriting look great, no easy challenge, and being able to highlight with the watercolour brush makes notes pop.