If you’re reading this then the chances are you use, or intend to use iPads in a school. The transition from pc to tablet computing is well underway and, while still in the early years, tablets are proving invaluable in providing new learning opportunities to students.

The move over to iPads however raises a number of new and interesting dilemmas. The ‘I’ in IPad means that using a class set is problematic if you don’t save your work elsewhere.


That’s why my first post is about a fantastic solution called the ‘Medrive which is a small server that plugs into your router and provides storage for ios files. You can access your files using a windows or mac pc as well.

There is a free app what uses the Apple Bonjour service to find the Medrives on your network and you add your own storage (USB stick or external hard drive).

I will post a full review when mine arrives in a few days.