After coming back from a meeting on peer reviewing pupils work I told my line manager “I really want a visualizer”. We scoured the Internet for prices and were put off by the costs. It just wasn’t high enough on our priority list to warrant the cost. I had totally forgotten about this when I received my ipad and initially just photographed pupils’ work, uploaded it into Dropbox, opened the file in windows and then used my interactive whiteboard to annotate it. What a convoluted way of doing a simple task! Once I had airplay mirroring working I realised I had a wireless visualizer with HD.

My next problem was holding the ipad. They get heavy after a while and the movement was distracting my pupils. I had a go at making a holder, but the position of the lens proved difficult to balance. I looked online and still there were not many ideas. I had almost given up when I spotted an old wooden wine rack for £3. A few loosened bolts and removing one leg gave me the perfect holder at just the right height. I now use it most days to show pupils’ work and written answers to exam papers.

Do you have a solution and how do you use the camera in lessons?