If there is one way to engage pupils in deep learning is making films about their work. It allows pupils to work together and play to their strengths. The extroverts can get it out of their system in front of the camera, the introverts can be behind the camera and all have opinions on what to say. The ipad now has a well developed set of filming tools, which means it is an all-in-one filming station. From filming in HD, applying effects, editing and broadcasting to a projector, there really is little reason to use a pc anymore.

My hands down favourite for editing is Pinnacle studio. At about £8 it appears expensive for an app, but with pc based editors costing several times more, it is great value for money. Another plus is that it has a relatively small memory footprint (57mb), great if you own a 16gb tablet.20130316-092026.jpg I am now finding that in a two hour session pupils are able to plan, film, edit and show their films, a work flow that took far longer using cameras and computers.

Were Pinnacle shines is the ease with which you can add photos and voice overs. I find shy pupils prefer this and everyone gets stuck in.