I’m a firm believer that technology should provide at least one of two things in a classroom to be worth using, extra time or learning enrichment. All too often technology, if shoe horned in and if not planned properly, can be a time waster. I’ve settled into a routine now that I feel gives me a little extra capacity in my lessons.

20130322-113748.jpg1. Class enters to a starter activity made in the app called Paper. The bonus of this is I can write my starter questions quickly in my free time and have them ready to go.

2. I Hit the ‘freeze’ button on the projector so the board doesn’t change, and flip over into my register. I use iDoceo to do a quick visual register without disturbing the class who are silently working.

20130322-113755.jpg  3. If I haven’t already, I write my lesson objectives, WILTs/WILFs, and any lesson details in Paper to get ahead of myself.

4. Finally I flip back to the starter, unfreeze the projector and go through the answers with pupils.

I like this system as I can multitask and carry out a number of jobs at the same time without interrupting the flow of the lesson.

Does anyone know of other tricks to buy more time in lessons?20130322-113808.jpg