Schology logoFor several years I have been frustrated with the software for creating a virtual learning environment.  My mantra was “make it as easy as facebook and you’ve cracked it”.  Facebook is a great model of how you link courses to a user and allow communication.  After trying everything I have finally found a VLE I think will work for me and that is SCHOOLOGY.

Upon setting up an account I added my school to the database and straight away went ahead and created a series of courses for my new year 10 class I get in June.  I was able to quickly write my homework assignments and created a quick test.

My next step was to get some willing students to join and help me figure out how it works from the student side.  We quickly had them completing a test and collecting the results.  I left feed back which they received as a notification and could discuss the work with others.

As an added bonus there is an Apple and Android app.IOS_Register