When I first said I was going to start using iPad’s in teaching and filming a friend who works for a large filming institution said “The problem your going to face is the ‘i’ in ipad”. I didn’t know what he meant at the time, but after a few weeks it was clear. I had got so used to logging into my pc anywhere in school and having my files at hand. An iPad on the other hand is centered around a single user, so there is an issue for saving personal work onto the network and hoping no one wiped your work in the lessons between your own.

I looked around at possible solutions:
1) Dropbox – While the simplest of solutions, it would have required buying more space to host video files and do we open one per ipad or a departmental one. It would have also generated lots of Internet traffic.

2) MeDrive – Touted as a native WebDAV server I was eager to buy this little 20130314-173027.jpgbox of tricks when it was previewed in February. I plugged in an external hard drive and, using the the IOS app, quickly found the drive. Things went down hill fast when I tried to copy over a video clip however. It went at a paltry 700k/s and the software compressed my video clip leaving it looking   terrible. It is now back in the box.

3) FileBrowser – In a perfect world IOS would have native samba support to Filebrowser Appallow IOS devices and PCs to share files and browse. The solution I found was an app called Filebrowser. It allows you to map network drives and save locations as bookmarks. More importantly for me, it lets my students log into their own folders using a username and password. Upload speeds for video files are now around 3 mb/s and the student can back up files and footage to their own safe area.

Do you have a solution to this problem? Let me know in the comments box.