I’ve been thinking a lot about the issues faced with pupils saving work on an IPad when the school already employs an active directory system that does the job for windows. In an ideal world there would be a log in for each pupil as they sat down to use a school IPad that links to one single account for them.

I don’t think we are going to see any type of multi user support any time soon from Apple but Google have cracked on and introduced it in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It doesn’t link to active directory at all but will allow you to set up multiple user accounts, which is better than nothing. The only other alternative I have found is to jailbreak and use an app called iUser. This raises more issues than it solves, so until Apple help us out and introduce domain logins (not likely) then the two are destined to stay apart without some intermediately step in transferring files.

So as it stands the only solution, I know of, is to use Filebrowser to map the saved drive the student folders are on and copy files into it. This is going to put the more nervous teachers off trying it out.

Is your school using both effectively or do the two systems stay separate?