One of the most fulfilling teaching moments I’ve had in this last term was when I introduced this app to an autistic student (12) who has a real passion for maths and science but a low tolerance of those around him. As soon as he saw how to use it he was totally engrossed. It wasn’t until the end of the session that I told him that he was learning the basics of programming, with that he broke out into a big smile and said he had always wanted to learn programming.


Cargo Bot looks very similar in quality to Angry birds and Cut the rope. It starts with a simple tutorial that shows you the basics of problem solving the mission. For each level you must rearrange wooden cargo blocks to match an image at the top. This is done by controlling a robotic arm, issuing commands in the order required to rearrange the blocks.

There are a number of solutions to each level which are assigned stars and the leaner the code the more points you get.

If your thinking of introducing programming to students I think this free app is a great introduction to the subject.