A well managed classroom is a happy classroom, and with a couple of simple apps, it is easier than ever. The three types of apps I use are;

1) The built in Clock in IOS,


I’ve always tried to use a countdown timer in lessons as saying you have 5 minutes to a teenager means very little. I initially went off looking for an app to show on the projector but finally found my favourite already installed in the clock app. It lets you change the sound effects and looks very cool.

2) iDoceo, this hand app allows you to create seating plans for your students and even use a picture. You can press and hold the avatars to move them about and the dice button will randomly pick a students name. I use this if I feel learning is not happening in a class or there is a few dominant students trying to answer all the questions. It’s a great way of not missing the quiet ones.

3) A noise meter, just like above, saying you would like the activity done quietly if very unspecific to a teenager, so I like to show students the noise levels in real time. It has a powerful effect seeing the levels and what you find unacceptable. There are two main apps I use;

i) Too Noisy



ii) My School Rules



Do you have any tips and tricks?