So I had an interview recently and I wanted to show my presentation to the panel on individual iPads which I would control from my ipad. I shopped around and found Nearpod and a few other screen sharing apps. I finally settled on Idea flight which did the trick.

Idea Flight v2.0 from Idea Flight on Vimeo.

The app uses a flying metaphor that means the presenter is the pilot and the audience are the passengers. All the data was kept to the local network so you don’t need an internet connection.

Another great feature is the ability to annotate direct onto the presentation and the passengers can see this immediately.

It is initially free but has in-app purchases to allow the delivery of a presentation and the annotation options.

Were I see this working well, in class, is the de-centralisation of the classic classroom. As it stands the teachers is mostly at the front with the projector. I’ve always disliked this and it leads to classic naughty behavior. This is the first opportunity to change the class dynamic totally, now, there is no front of class.