For day to day teaching I have a set of apps I couldn’t live without.

1. Paper
Paper manages the impossible, it can make even my handwriting look good! Having a simple user interface means I can write board work naturally and colour code keywords. Another bonus is being able to export your work as a pdf which you can share with students.

2. Edmodoedmodo

More of a website this one, If you haven’t tried Edmodo out with a class yet, do it right now! Despite looking like facebook (mixed feelings on that) it is easy to use and an easy way to share files, links and instructions.

3. Notability


When I’m doing a sorting or sequencing activity then notability is king. My students use it for the flexibility if offers in allowing them to work as they would in an exercise book.

And finally….while not an app, it’s an essential part of my lesson. My trusty wine rack ipad holder. It’s great for using as a visualizer and in conjunction with Airpresenter I can write a virtual layer over pupils work up to the projector, perfect for assessing work!