slide_cloudThe beauty of having ipads in school is the integrated printing, but this can leave your network manager in a cold sweat. Letting students print without managing could be disastrous for your finances. We already had a system in place that deducted credit from a students account and staff had departmental accounts, I sought to roll this out to ipads as well. Luckily for us we already had half the solution by using ‘Papercut’ to run our print management for PCs.

We were already set up to use the students windows log in credentials to monitor printing, so the next step was to add a secondarweb-client-ios-authy Mac server to catch the iPad printing jobs. We had an old 2010 iMac going spare, so after installing Papercut secondary server, adding printers and pointing it at our main windows Papercut server, we were ready to go.

The final step was installing the papercut client to the students ipads. It installs as a profile and once installed they log in with their windows details. Viola, integrated site wide monitored printing for students and staff.

web-client-ios-printedSide note: We didn’t forget the android users but with each user having to be individually invited to each printer via their gmail account, we (and the students) lost interest pretty fast. How does your school deal with printing?      Let us know in the comments section below.