I love Google classroom. For a while now my school has been posting homework with it. A copy of the task is emailed to students and a calendar entry added.  However we used to use planner live and parents could see publicly the homework tasks without asking for their child’s Google username and password.


I wished to bring both solutions together, so set about creating G-tasks.

Step 1. Ask your admin to create a student called Homework. Add this account to each class. An email is sent to each student when an assignment is made. This is how the database of homeworks will be created.

Step 2. I used IFTTT to forward the email to a spreadsheet in Google drive.

create a new trigger so that when an email is received it is added to google sheets.

Link both Gmail and Google drive under the new Homework account.


Top of the configuration for Google drive in IFTTT
Bottom of the configuration for Google drive in IFTTT










Step 3. The tricky part was splitting the body of the email into individual cells so they could be displayed and filtered. I have enclosed a blank version of the sheet with all the formatting to split your emails and enclosed comments to explain how it works.

IOSEDUCATION Google classroom template
Add this to your Google drive and change name to HOMEWORK.

Step 4. Test it. Set an assignment in Google classroom (make sure you have a student called ‘Homework’ added). You should see a new entry on ‘Sheet1’ of your Google sheet and sheet ‘4.layout’ should all be ready to display on awesome sheets.

Step 5. Finally use ‘Awesome Table’ to present the Google sheet on your website.

Press + and make a new table.
Point it at your homework sheet and select sheet 4.layout. Finally choose the cell range you want to display.

Display it using the ‘Share button’


Things to note:

  1. At the top of each sheet I have use the function ‘Arrayformula’ so it will apply formatting to each new email. Without using VB (beyond my skills) it will show #VALUE! for unwritten cells. I can’t figure out how to hide them, but I find that after a few days of use the cells are pushed out of sight and don’t cause any trouble.
  2. There is a better way of adding the ‘SET date’. I have extracted it out of the email and added a text string 2017 to the end. If you add =today() instead it will work. I haven’t as I only figured it out this morning.
  3. Awesome tables has lots of different options to change the layout with CSS. It’s worth playing around with and check out their community pages.