Money is tight at the moment in schools so I’ve been looking at cheap PC alternatives.

I’ve converted a lot of our old Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptops to Chrome OS using Cloudready.

The improvement are outstanding and given them a new lease of life.

My next challenge was to replace the 10 year old desktops in my room. I had always liked the Raspberry Pi but the maintenance in running Linux put me off. Last week I stumbled across a great fork of Chromium called FlintOS which is undergoing rapid development and runs like a dream. It allows for rapid boot up and students log directly into their schools google account. The down side is that flash doesn’t work yet, but with the pace of progress it won’t be far off.

So for £500 I’m now able to buy 10 Ras Pi 3’s, cases, power supplies and micro SD cards. Bargain!